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Over the years we have learned everything goes much better if we all work together. This includes our employees, our suppliers, our customers and our family.   

All of these people are essential for all of us to be successful. We are a relatively small family business. The owners come to work in blue jeans. You may find them answering the phone, loading a truck, running a combine, or welding in the shop. As people say “The buck stops here”. No one has entitlements, cushy jobs, or is above any of the work. Working together means valuing and respecting everyone’s contributions.      


Our farm and seed business history goes back over 100 years. We owe much to those people whose own hard work and sacrifice helped make all this possible. Included in that group are the seedsmen, the farm equipment dealers, the alfalfa seed growers, who are no longer here. We walk humbly in their footsteps.

Celebrating 100 Years of Seed Production in the Community Parade

Hauling Bee Boxes

Hauling Live Bees in Trays to the Field

Harvest Supper

Working Together
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