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In addition to our contract production alfalfa, we try and have an inventory of open market seed to meet our customer’s immediate needs. The alfalfa seed available includes:

  • Common Alfalfa Seed

  • Vernal Type Alfalfa Seed

  • Variety Not Stated Alfalfa including:

    • Multileaf Expression

    • Disease Index Rating

  • Some Certified Varieties


We take pride in shipping excellent quality alfalfa seed, but appreciate that doesn’t work for everyone. Some growers and some markets work with a less than perfect product, provided the price reflects the quality.   

We can ship seed that meets:

  • All states noxious free – 99.9% pure.

  • Standard 99.5% pure, 90% germ.

  • Lower quality seed for specific markets in Canada and the USA.

  • Offshore quality when the quality required and price offered work with our inventory.


This seed can be packaged, inoculated and labelled to meet your needs. We can provide seed in 50 pound or 25 kg plain poly bags wrapped on pallets. Many of our customers find they appreciate the lower labor requirement of bulk bags. This allows them to do their in house blending, treating, packaging and labeling. It makes the final product look like “theirs”. We have even shipped bulk bags in containers via ocean freight.

There are a lot of legal requirements in labelling. Quite often we print a special label with the customer’s name, log, and brand name of the product. Labels must meet the legal requirements of the country of destination as well as any customs requirements at point of entry. Solving these paperwork dilemmas is a small part of the service we provide.   

If seed is packaged here ready for the end user, inoculation and correct labeling is another option. It is not uncommon for alfalfa to have 60% of the seed germinate immediately, with another 30% being hard seed. That seed doesn’t want to germinate today, but will eventually germinate. We can reduce the level of hard seed without impacting long term total germination if that is something you need. Even though it seems we are located in the middle of nowhere, van trucks are readily available to move product to Eastern Canada and anywhere in the USA. Normally we can ship on a day or two notice. Craig is more than ready to visit with you about the alfalfa seed you may need in the coming year.

Alfalfa Seed
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