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We handle everything in-between which includes:

  • Getting the stock seed through all the government requirements to enter Canada.

  • Matching the grower and his field to the customer’s quality requirements.

  • Writing the grower contracts to ensure the variety and the production go to the customer.

  • Helping that grower through every step of the production from planting to harvest.

  • Making sure all the paperwork is completed so CGSA issues a crop certificate.

  • Inspecting the field near harvest to better estimate yield and other issues.

  • Reporting to the customer the progress and estimated yield of the crop.

  • Analysis of the representative harvested seed to better assess dockage and other issues.

  • Taking delivery of the harvested alfalfa seed into our own seed plant.

  • Processing, packaging, treating and labelling as per our customer’s requirements.

  • All official seed testing and related expense and paperwork.

  • Handling all paperwork and payments to the grower.

  • Arranging shipment to our customer, with all the paperwork

We can provide references of some of the companies who have chosen to do their alfalfa seed production with us.


We produce alfalfa seed of all classes and grades for companies in Canada, the USA, and Europe. These people have a variety that does well in their part of the world. They need alfalfa seed production of their variety of alfalfa seed. They provide us with the stock seed, and take delivery of the seed we produce for them. Our customers only pay after the seed production is shipped back to them. Some things to remember:

  •  Contract Multiplication starts with your seed.

  • Certified Production is the norm, but we do VNS, Foundation and Breeder alfalfa seed production.

  • Pricing may be fixed, market based or a mixture of both.

  • Quality is up to the customer, but really good quality can cost a bit more.

  • All our production is in a NON-GMO alfalfa area.

  • These are production contracts with the customer taking all the production.

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